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Bag Machines

High-quality bags with less waste--CMD bag making technology offers operator friendly, reliable machines that save time and money.  Bag making systems can integrate  auxiliary equipment to create a variety of popular bag styles, including embossed and die cut product, folded and bag-on-a-roll.

Choose from drawtape bag making machines, die-cut or handle-tie bag making machines, drawstring bag making machines, multi-lane bottomseal bagmaking systems, rotary sealing bag machines, continuous-motion bag machines and more.

Select a model that fits your bag style and production requirements:


Global Drawtape System
Global Bag Machine
  CMD 864 Compact Bag Machine and Winder 
  CE   CE   CE
  600 fpm/183 mpm   600 fpm/183 mpm   450 fpm/138 mpm 
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Rotary Bag Machine
Dedicated Bottom
Seal Bag Machine
Single or Dual Lane
Global Bag Machine
  Imperial    CE   CE
  600 fpm/183 mpm   350 fpm/106 mpm  

600 fpm/138 mpm

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Machine Design and Modification Services Available. 

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