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Stand-Up Pouch machine

Stable and consistent process ensures quality product

This state-of-the-art stand-up pouch system produces a range of pouch formats from a single web of material, including both gusseted and non-gusseted pouches, with or without zipper.  Servo-actuated sealing technology replaces costly maintenance-intensive air cylinders.


  • High-speed multi-processing computer
  • Change-on-the-fly programming
  • Print registration
  • Open-end or closed-end zipper guiding


  • 1-Up or 2-Up Bottom-Gusseted Stand-Up Pouches (w/ or w/o zipper)
  • 3-Side-Seal Flat Pouches (w/ or w/o zipper)
  • 2-Side-Seal Flat Pouches (w/ or w/o zipper)
  • 1-Up Side-Gusseted Pouches with Back Fin Seal
  • 1-Up Quad-Seal Side-Gusseted Pouches

 Materials Run   PET/PE laminate, PP/PE laminate, PET/foil/PE laminate; also compatible with some co-ex structures
Gauge   2-8 mil (50-200 micron)
 Web Width (Min/Max)   12-60 inches (305-1524mm)
*Minimum web width assumes a center-folded flat pouch, 6" high
 Bag Width (Min/Max)   4-34.5 inches (102-880mm) draw
 Bag Length (Min/Max)    1-Up: 6-30 inches (150-760mm)
 2-Up: 3-15 inches (75-380mm)
 Production Speed   200 cycles/minute; Up to 300 pouches/minute when running 2-up

The Model SUP can be configured to produce the following pouch features:

  • Gusseted bottom
  • Gusseted side
  • Inserted gusset
  • Three-side-seal


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