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Bubble Slit Sealers

Flexible and efficient multi-lane converting tool

CMD produces a range of bubble slit sealers that produce multiple lanes precise, accurate edges by slit sealing from a single tube. Multiple web widths and film gauges and blends can be efficiently slit in line with an extruder or out of line from parent rolls.  The curved-plate system provides accurate web tensioning through the critical slitting zone. 


  • Up to 600 fpm (183 mpm) production speeds
  • Models available in 51 in (1295 mm), 63 in (1600 mm), 100 in (2540 mm) and 135 in (3429 mm) widths
  • PID temperature controller with thermocouple feedback monitors temperature for consistent seals and product quality
  • Curved Blade System
  • 8-Lane Slit Seal Application
  • Sold as Standalone or Attachment
Bubble Slit Sealer diagram