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Upgrades, Retrofits and Process Improvements


NEW Advanced Drawtape Hem Seal Upgrade (back)
(for CMD Models 1270GDS, 1270GDSE, 6052)

Advanced Seal Technology provides focused sealing consistency and process efficiency for less waste and lower costs.  
  • Seal hems more efficiently and consistently
  • Start-up is quicker - sealing area heat-up time is significantly reduced
  • Closed-loop control for temperature and air flow, enhancing process control and product consistency
  • Uses up to 30% less energy, lowering your carbon footprint and your costs

    Dancer and Layon Roll Kit (back)
    (for CMD Model 1270GDS)
    • Replaces the loop sensor with reliable, easy-to-troubleshoot, mechanical control
    • Provides consistent web control for zero-tension sealing in the drum
    • Simple set-up and adjustments
    • Eliminates static pinning for longer blanket life
    • Enhanced perf-to-seal registration consistency
    Silicone Blanket for 1270GDS (back) 
    (for CMD Model 1270GDS)
    • Improved finger splice for enhanced wear life
    • Durable surface resists surface damage, scratches, burns and process wear and tear

    Servo Hole Punch Switch (back)

    (for CMD Model 1270GDS)
    • Option to have a magnetic switch on Lexan cover
    • Ensures that the machine will not run unless cover is back on and alerts the operator via the touch screen

    The Allen-Bradley™ Controls Upgrade (back)
    (for CMD Model 6052)
    • Servo-driven infeed and outfeed nips and load cell feedback to provide closed-loop tension control in the drawtape-insertion/hem sealing  processes
    • Robust Sercos control system
    • Color touch screen control for most operator parameters, including web tension and hole-punch location
    • Enhanced E-stop control for smoother stops, reducing back wrap
    • Improved control of hems during accel and decel conditions
    • Support for future additional options like drawtape splicing
    This upgrade eliminates hassles with these obsolete parts:
    • Electrocraft servo hole punch motor and controller
    • Nip motors and drives
    • Omron PLC
    • Tape AC drives
    • Red Lion counter for hole-punch location

    The CMD Cutter Claw (back)
    (for CMD Models 1270GDS and 6052)

    Some standard cutter claws may only last a shift, some last days or weeks. The unpredictability can be frustrating for operators and maintenance personnel. The downtime is costly and inefficient. The new CMD Cutter Claw has been custom designed to address critical issues:
    • Extend wear life
    • Improve cut quality
    • The claw can be rotated 180 degrees to use the other side of the cutter
    • The CMD Cutter Claw has a special coating that keeps the blade sharper for a quality cut every time. The hardened coating resists wear for a longer blade life.
    • The complete assembly with curved blade and holder (as shown in picture on the right) is a direct replacement for all 1.5” existing cutter claw systems. It includes all the hardware to mount on your existing arm. (assembly 161750)
    • The change can be made in minutes
    • No attachments needed
    • The new CMD Cutter Claw/Holder drops right into your CMD Model 6052 or 1270GDS drawtape systems
    • Once the holder is installed, it should not need replacement

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