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Global Bag Machine - 1320GBM

Fast, Reliable, Single or Dual-Lane Bagmaking System

The Model 1320GBM Global Bag Machine efficiently converts popular bottom or side sealed bags at 450 fpm (138 mpm) using patented technology and space-saving design. Versatile, with simplified operation and maintenance features, the 1320GBM  can produce a variety of popular bag styles and sizes. Designed for in-line or out-of-line production. 


  • 600 fpm (138 mpm)
  • CE compliant, metric design
  • Easy-access design for simpler maintenance and thread-up
  • Single or multiple lane capabilities
  • Centralized touch screen control



1320GBM Single or Dual Lane Global Bag Machine

Bottom-Sealed Bag, Side-Sealed Bag or Star-Sealed Bag Diagram

     Bag Products

Bottom-sealed, side-sealed or star-sealed bags for a variety of industrial and retail purposes, including but not limited to:

• Branded retail trash bags • Recycle bags
• Institutional can liners • Dry cleaning bags
• Side-gusseted bags • Parts and packaging bags
• T-shirt bags * • Newspaper bags
• Die-cut bags • Pet waste bags and cat pan liners
• Meat packaging bags • Meat packaging bags
• Fruit and vegetable grocery sacks • Contractor bags
* when configured with CMD 0229 rotary Die Cut System


Materials Run


Seal Bars and Perforation Knife

52 inches (1320 mm)

Seal Repeats (Min/Max)

15-120 inches (102 mm-3084 mm)

Bag Width(Min/Max)

4-52 inches (102 mm - 1320 mm)

Production Speed

65- 450 fpm (20-138  mpm)


* Speed range specified and overall process effectiveness is based on a broad range of:  materials, film gauges, blends, film coefficient of friction and consistency, ambient conditions, uniformity of properties, operator skill, extrusion-to-converting time delay (e.g. storage), contaminants, recycled content, repeat lengths, and maintenance and care of all process involved machinery.                

V-Folders, single or dual-lane, to fold the web
for adjustment of exiting bag width for finishing
and packaging considerations


Bag Finishing Options
The Global Bag Machine 1320GBM is designed for multiple-lane production of bags on rolls with the addition of the CMD 660DLW Dual Lane Winder.


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