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Shaped Pouch die cutter


The CMD 760-IDC Intermittent Motion Die Cutter is designed for machine widths up to 760mm, and is capable of providing shaped pouches in up to 4-lanes of production of either flat, or shaped bottom-gusset pouches. The unit is designed to portably mount to the delivery end of any existing pouch machine -the machine's existing conveyor or stacking table can be removed to conserve floor space. The system includes the die-cutter, a pick-off separation nip, an intermediate conveyor with culling capability, a single-stream trim winder for the‘skeleton’ material, integration hardware (i.e. encoder, cables, interconnections, etc.),and a control panel.   

Expand Your Pouch Converting Capabilities - convert simple or complex shaped pouches -including large sizes, heavy gauges, and intricate shapes. CMD's advanced cutting technology can handle the pouches others can't.


  • CE compliant, metric design
  • Large, servo-driven cutting platen with enhanced cutting force
  • Dedicated PLC and HMI for independent control of the system
  • Quick mechanical and simple system set-up

  • Flat or gusseted shaped pouches 
  • Intricate patterns and shapes
  • Variety of blends and gauges

Shaped Pouch Product Samples



Flat or gusseted shaped pouches 

Materials Run

Laminates, including foil and other high-barrier compositions

Gauges:  50 micron to 200 micron (2-mil to 8-mil)

Pouch Height Max 

30 inches (760 mm)

Pouch Width Max

12 inches (305 mm)
Max Lanes of Production
Max Cut Size  

100-inches (2,540 mm) of actual cutting blade length

Production Speed

+/- 150 cycles per minute*

* Speed range specified and overall process effectiveness is based on a broad range of:  materials, film gauges, blends, film coefficient of friction and consistency, ambient conditions, uniformity of properties, operator skill, extrusion-to-converting time delay (e.g. storage), contaminants, recycled content, repeat lengths, and maintenance and care of all process involved machinery.                

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