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Plastic Sheeting Winder

For wound lengths of sheeting

The Model 7018E Enhanced Plastic Sheeting Winder efficiently winds a variety of plastic film products, including coreless rolls of plastic landscaping film, window-insulation kits and heavier-gauge plastic drop cloths. The winder produces coreless rolls (or with the optional 4-prong spindle winding assembly, flat-wound sheeting) for a variety of retail, commercial and institutional applications.


  • Winds a variety of gauges and configurations
  • Production speeds up to 350 fpm (107 mpm)
  • Compact footprint saves space
  • Can be run in line with a film extruder, or from parent films rolls
7018E - Plastic Sheeting Winder
For Non-Overlapped Plastic Sheeting on Rolls



Materials Run


Web Width (Min/Max)

18 inches inches (457mm) max.

Production Speed

50-350 fpm (15-107 mpm) - 25 cycles per minute max.

Finished Roll Diameter    8 inches (203mm)

* Speed range specified and overall process effectiveness is based on a broad range of:  materials, film gauges, blends, film coefficient of friction and consistency, ambient conditions, uniformity of properties, operator skill, extrusion-to-converting time delay (e.g. storage), contaminants, recycled content, repeat lengths, and maintenance and care of all process involved machinery.                

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