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Upgrades, Retrofits and Process Improvements


CMD's proven experience in controls and mechanical upgrades can help you get more from your current pouch line, regardless of manufacturer.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.

MTS Upgrades for obsolete PDI Parker Automation Controls Systems (back)

In 2008, MTS Systems, now Parker Automation, announced that it would no longer support controls platforms installed in thousands of machines, including most PDI pouch machines built prior to 2007.CMD/PDI has developed an MTS Controls Upgrade program for single and dual-axis systems.

  • Revitalize your machinery and extend the useful life of existing equipment
  • Increase reliability, machine uptime and overall process efficiency
  • PLC/drive will be available and supported for 20 years
  • CE design complies with up-to-date safety regulations
  • Flash-memory storage of programs
  • Self-diagnostics in drive/motor
  • Ethernet-ready – Remote monitoring/diagnostics/program revisions and quicker and easier troubleshooting
  • Easy-to-source, off-the-shelf components
  • Double-layer support –CMD and Bosch Rexroth
  • Expandable design
  • Field retrofit

It's now easier than ever to avoid unnecessary down time due to component obsolescence issues. We are scheduling installations now - call to book yours today!


Platen Rebuilds (back)

You can improve your efficiency and even upgrade your machine to the latest technologies with a custom platen rebuild from CMD.   PDI® pouch machines are known for robust longevity, but when a platen has been running product for many years, wearing can occur, resulting in inconsistent seals and lowered operating efficiency. A platen rebuild can make your machine run like new! Dramatically improve the quality of your product; enhance repeatable seal integrity, reduce scrap and waste, and increase your zero-defect throughput, simply by rebuilding your existing platen.


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