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Sustainability is Good BusinessCMD is a sustainable company

  • CMD continually works to minimize the total environmental impact of our products.
  • We design efficient equipment.  Efficient CMD equipment uses less energy, creates less waste and provides long-lasting value.
  • Our business and manufacturing processes conserve energy and material use. We benchmark and use LEAN manufacturing standards as our guide.
  • Machines are built in a safe environment, and are designed using OSHA, CE, ISO/IEC, ANSI standards for optimal operator safety.
  • CMD invests in technology to meet our customers' sustainability requirements, including the sealing and web handling of down-gauged films, biodegradable and compostable films, and films with high recycled content.
  • Subscribe to the CMD Sustainability Blog and read and comment about saving money, increasing efficiency and reducing waste in film, bag and pouch making.