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The Verigreen Mission

Verigreen (formerly Izaka Plastics) Invests in CMD Global Drawtape System and Global Overlap Bag Winder

Verigreen is a flexible packaging converter located in Durban, South Africa offering extrusion, printing, bagging and recycling. The firm has a progressive business philosophy that emphasizes a customer-centric company culture and a commitment to high ethics and sustainability. Their products include flexible packaging (rollstock, bags and pouches), municipal bags, and their own home brands: Supa Mama Bags and Home Recycling.

The purchase of the high-quality CMD equipment is in keeping with their promise to deliver superior efficiency and performance, plus sustainability to their customers. They will utilize the superior sealing and web-handling of the CMD Global Drawtape System to be the first to offer close-and-carry drawtape refuse bags to the South African market. The firm will use the CMD Global Overlap Bag winder for convenient, one-at-a-time dispensing of the bags from the roll.

Verigreen has a unique business model that fosters environmental conservatism. "Verigreen is an amazing company," says Shaughn Hanley, CMD Director of International Sales.  "We are honored with the privilege of supplying machinery to creative, compassionate group. Verigreen's "Supa Mama" program provides revenue for unemployed women, and at the same time improves recycling rates in the region.

Worldwide demand is on the rise for consumer-friendly drawtape-style trash bags, and the patented Model 1270GDS Global Drawtape Bagmaking System converts at efficient production speeds of up to up to 183 meters per minute (600 feet per minute); a compact, space-saving footprint that is simple to thread up and operate; and optional print-to-seal registration for making printed bags. The CMD Global High-Speed Bag Winder produces coreless overlapped drawtape bags on banded rolls for popular, one-at-a-time dispensing. High cycle rates allow for production of small-count rolls at top production speeds of 183 meters per minute. Designed to be simple to operate and maintain, the winder has easy maintenance access from 5 sides.


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International Customer Experiences

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