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Get Ready for 2020 with Operator and Maintenance Personnel Training

Benefit the whole year with less downtime and higher productivity!

Working with successful converters for 40 years has helped CMD develop customized equipment training uniquely focused for maintenance personnel or operators. 

Your personnel will receive the training they need to operate, troubleshoot and maintain the equipment in your facility. Training can be scaled from the basics for the beginner to advanced training, to assist your current technicians in their proficiency with any new assets and technologies.

Our seasoned service technicians share their knowledge using an effective hands-on method, which provides your personnel with a thorough opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and retain the learning.  Instruction is centered around demonstration of how to perform a task. Trainees are carefully supervised as they complete each task.  After ensuring trainees perform the task correctly, they move on to the next task.  This method has been shown to rapidly build confidence and increase competency. Trainee experience levels vary so we provide tailored, hands-on learning.  Training presentations and guides are distributed for class use and for trainees' continuing refresher education.  All instruction is based on the owner’s manual provided with the machine(s).

Reasonable pricing allows you to see the results and positive return on your training investment sooner - through imminent increased good-product throughput, decreased changeover time and minimized unscheduled downtime.Standard course length is Tuesday through Thursday but will depend on how many types of machines and modules requested for training. 
We also offer a Train the Trainer course, where our instructor delivers training to your selected personnel, so they can mentor all the personnel in your facilities. We can provide training in your facilities or at CMD.

Contact CMD Service Manager, Michael Wormley, for more information.

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