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CMD 360

Comprehensive After Sale Support

The time when you understand the value of your OEM’s support comes long after you sign on the dotted line for the shiny new machine.  Even if the literature and promises sound good up front, it’s important to know that your OEM will have your back when you need them most.

At CMD, we believe that great support goes hand-in-hand with having a great partnership with your OEM. 
Our  customers’ success is a top priority, and our support expands across all platforms – digital, in person, phone, online, remote to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

360 CMD describes our comprehensive, “360-degree” after sale support, designed to cover all the bases and surround you with the technical and consultative backing to ensure success with your equipment:

Robust equipment and consultative partnerships with our customers

  • A substantial bench of experienced engineers and technicians with dozens of years converting equipment experience and the skillset to continually innovate and offer new solutions.
  • Technical support along the timeline of your equipment that enhances efficiency, profitability, and the useful life of your asset, including:
    • Expert installation services
    • Smart training prgrams that efficiently transfer knowledge for faster operator competency
    • Process optimization services and data-driven solutions for exceptional process stability
    • Dedicated and experienced parts prfessionals for reliable and quick parts service

Superior After Sale Support ~ Service Responsiveness

In a recent study, CMD customers provided feedback on service responsiveness – a criteria of critical importance to manufacturers.  95% of those surveyed are satisfied with CMD as a “supplier partner.”  Below are a few samples of the responses and are evidence of the importance CMD places on keeping customers up and running, minimizing their downtime and delivering courteously, professionally and on time!

As well as offering testing of materials and new product prototypes in the firm's Advanced Engineering Analytics Lab, CMD also offers parts, upgrades and engineering resources, for pouch machines from different manufacturers, including PDI and Waterline.

Contact Michael Wormley, Manager of Technical Services, for more information     [email protected]