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CMD Provides Excellent Service for Customer's Waterline Pouch Machine

Quick Service Response and Helpful, Knowledgeable Personnel

C-P Flexible Packaging was experiencing leakers at the zipper which resulted in the machine going down for investigation and service. Due to the urgency of the situation, the company contacted CMD and requested a service call. Brad P., CMD Senior
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Power Up Your Productivity in 2018!

Special Pricing on Controls Upgrade Bundles and Preventive Maintenance and Operator Training Bundles

Expand the useful life of your dependable CMD bag or PDI pouch equipment by scheduling a controls upgrade, or preventive maintenance/operator training bundle in 2018!  Prevent downtime related to obsolete components. Revitalize your important
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Verigreen South Africa

“Ultimately our goal is to inspire healthier and happier living, whilst caring for the planet.” -

  If you’re looking for a company with an inspiring business model, look no further than Verigreen of Pinetown, South Africa.  Founders Mike and Thina Maziya have grown this vibrant consumer goods company through forward-thinking management, a
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CMD and ADEX Partner to Grow in South Africa

Visit the ADEX booths at Propak Capetown and Complast Shows

Suppliers to the Plastics and Packaging IndustryCMD Agents for South AfricaWith 30 years’ experience in the plastics industry, Paul Clark of ADEX brings expertise and support to each of his many customers.  Supporting every machine he represents,
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Simple Solution for Powerful Efficiency

More Production from Your Current Pouch Converting Line

Reduce your total cost-to-produce, and drive growth to your bottom-line, with CMD’s stand-alone Model 1220UCD Center Driven Unwind and Model 1524 In-Line V-Folding System.    Large parent roll
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Servo Airhorn Upgrade for Models 4213RO and 0305GOW

Improve Efficiency

The servo airhorn upgrade replaces the original pneumatic cylinder controlling the airhorn with a servo motor driven cylinder, providing precise actuation of the air horn and greater control over the transfer process.  Efficiency is improved by
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Tail Glue System For Models: 4213RO, 0305GOW/E, 0330HSW

Improved Efficiency and Product Appearance

CMD offers a quick solution to control the trailing edge, or tail, on the final wind up onto the roll.  Controlling the tail allows improves the process of dropping the product (roll of bags) into the package (carton or box) cleanly, without
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4-6 Bar Drum Upgrade

For Models 1270GDS/1270GDSE and 1552ED Bag Machines

Enhance the flexibility of your rotary bag machine with the 4-6 bar drum upgrade!  The addition of seal bars expands the process window, allows for more sealing dwell, and allows more flexibility in selecting seal bars for a broader range of products
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Transfer Kit For Model 4213RO Rotary Overlap Winder

Add More Bag-on-a-Roll Products Capabilities

The Transfer Kit is designed to add capability to your 4213RO Overlap Bag Winder to run heavier gauge film for contractor bags and other institutional and retail products.  The kit enables your 4213RO to efficiently wind 3-4 mil film for
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Best Places to Work Award Event Honors CMD Employees

Event Speakers: Appleton Mayor and NEW Manufacturing Alliance Director

Mayor Hanna and Ann Franz were speakers at the company’s luncheon with employees to celebrate winning the Best Places to Work in the Plastics Industry award for three consecutive years.
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