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We talked with Craig Mickelson, CMD Machine Upgrade Sales Specialist, about the controls upgrade program at CMD.

Q: Who will benefit from a CMD controls upgrade?

A: Customers with a dated controls platform on their equipment. This could be machines with current G&L components or even machines that are currently controlled with relay logic.

Q: For which bag converting equipment are upgrades offered?

A: CMD offers controls upgrades on Models 4213RO, 4013RO, 1270GDS, 1552ED, 6052, 5213ED, 2451STW

Q: What do the upgrades feature?

A: The upgrade brings all electrical components up to date with readily available replacements.  Customers will receive an updated and more informative HMI.  Typically, the controls upgrade makes the machine fully servo controlled, for easier operation and more process consistency.

Q: What controls does the upgrade replace?

A: The controls upgrades replaces the machines logic, either relay or PLC.  It also replaces the motors and safety circuit with a CAT-2 system.

Q: Why is a controls upgrade needed, and at what point is it recommended?

  • The biggest reason is obsolescence issues.
  • There is benefit to upgrade controls now, when you can plan the downtime versus having a component that is no longer available fail and having the machine be down for months.
  • There are also technology advancements and performance enhancements that come with upgrade controls.
  • Regarding G&L controlled machines, we strongly recommend customers act now to arrange for the upgrade. 
    • We are seeing an increase in unavailability of vital components.  
    • Some customers are experiencing extreme unplanned downtime from these component failures.

Q: When should customers order the upgrades?

A:These are popular upgrades, and customers are advised to get their orders in now to avoid longer lead times.

Q: Where are the controls upgrade done – in customers’ facilities or at CMD?

A: All our control upgrades can be done in the field. In some cases the customer has installed them with virtual assistance from CMD, or we can send a tech to install it. If a customer wants to train its staff to install these upgrades because they are planning on doing multiples, we can do that too.  Another option is to send the machine(s) to CMD for the upgrades.  This strategy is very useful and efficient if the customer would like additional upgrades or a complete refurbishment.

With regular maintenance, a CMD machine upgraded with new controls can provide many more years of profitable production. 




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