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In response to growing global demand for CMD products and services, the company has hired a substantial number of employees within the last six months.  We welcome our newest employees and the skills, experience and enthusiasm they bring to our team.

CMD has hired: RECE BENNETT, Mechanical Assembler; BENJAMIN BOSCH, Electrical Engineer I; JAMES BREWER, Mechanical Assembler; DONALD BURKE, Mechanical Engineer; THOMAS DAUL, Director of R&D; DOUG HAANEN, Mechanical Designer III; COREY MANSKE, Electrical Assembler; SHAUN MAYR; Welder/Assembler; JAMES MILLER, Electrical Assembler; STEVE MOLINE, Mechanical Designer III; JEFFREY RISTAU, Mechanical Assembler; WADE SCHINK; Mechanical Assembler; KELTON SNULLIGAN, Painter; RYAN STERNITZKY, Materials Distribution Coordinator; TIM WEARING, Electrical Assembler; BEN WERTEL; Materials Distribution Coordinator; CODY WICHMANN, General Accountant; SCOTT WIGGER, Project Engineer; STEVE WOODKE, Painter; JESUS VILLARREAL, Electrical Assembler; and ALEXANDER ZIMMERMAN, Mechanical Assembler.  Welcome to CMD!

New Hires 2020 and 2021

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