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Improve your process for converting pouches by including efficient handling and collection of materials. CMD offers an efficient, stand-alone trim winder and several styles of pouch stackers that will provide an excellent return on investment by adding significant efficiency to your converting process.


Trim Winder 

Efficiently collect trim waste without interrupting production. This flexible, stand-alone unit is compact and easily integrated with pouch or bag converting equipment. A wide variety of films and laminates can be collected and wound.

• Motorized winding spindle
• Driven shaft winds up trim material
• Collapsible spindle design allows for easy removal of finished roll
• Removable clamp to release roll from spindle


Transverse Trim-Guide Shuttle

• Motorized shuttle evenly distributes the trim across the full roll width
• Automatic direction shifting at end of travel
• Endpoints of transverse motion are adjustable

• Three loop dancer to maintain tension on trim and control speed of the winding spindle
• Position monitored by sensor
• Trim directed from machine to dancer through adjustable height roller.

Machine Speed
• 20 FPM (6 mpm) to 200 FPM (60 mpm)

Process Specifications and Technical Features
• Winds a single trim strip 0.25 to 2 inch (6 to 51 mm) wide.
• Final roll width is 12 inches (305 mm)
• Maximum roll diameter is 13 inches (330 mm)
• Adjustable height roller to 72 inches (1830 mm)

Machine Size
• 30” wide X 22.31” deep X 30.5” high




flex4 A CMD Company

Several pouch stackers have been developed by our European technical team at CMD-flex4.

• Stand-alone system or can attach to a pouch or bag machines
• Simple and reliable stacking supports efficient packing, there no need to slow down the pouch machine and fewer stops means less scrap
• Stack a variety of sizes of bags and pouches
(*stack height is dependent on pouch size and style)


Large Format Stacker for Side-Gusseted Bags

Enhance Productivity

Stacker for side gusseted bags and pouches

• Stand -alone system or attach to any pouch machine
• Can interface with machines with a fast conveyor/gluing systems and configured for traditional conveyors.
• Maximum stack height of 175 mm*
• Minimum pouch format/speed: W X L (150 X 250 mm) at 60 CPM
• Maximum pouch format/speed: W X L (400 X 1000) at 40 CPM

large bag and pouch sizes for stacker

Stacker for Small Pouches and Bags

Compact and Flexible

Stacker for small stand up pouches

• One to four lane productionSmall pouch sizes for stacker• 600 mm wide
• Stand-alone system or attach to pouch machine
• Machine speed up to 180 CPM
• Pouch size range:
o 80 mm to 250 mm W
o 80 to 600 mm L
• Stacks up to 90 pouches*


Enjoy exceptional sales and technical service support from our team of experienced technicians and international sales and service representatives.  Contact CMD today for more information: 844-989-1025 or +1 920-730-6888  or [email protected].

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