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Choosing your equipment assets, and your OEM, is an important decision – one that you’ll live with for years to come.
It will impact your company’s productivity, profitability and its ability to nimbly adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands.

While many factors are considered as part of the decision, below are five qualities and capabilities we recommend you ensure that your OEM brings to the table.

They’re Invested in your success.

More than just lip service, an OEM provides the right fit for your company when their products, service and support align well and can be further tailored to your goals and needs.

“A good rule of thumb is to consider how the OEM’s total offering – product, parts, service, support accessibility, process experience and proven technologies – work together to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership to your company,” says Scott Fuller, CMD Pouch Product Line Manager.

Is your OEM interested in your growth and success? “Not every OEM is the right fit for every company,” says Fuller.
“If you’re using the same equipment as your competitors are, it may be worth it to ask your OEM how they are helping you to differentiate your company and your product in a very competitive marketplace.”

They help you to be agile.

Being nimble enough to profitably meet your customers’ ever-changing requirements, means you need cost-saving agility for short runs and the process reliability for long runs. You know where you lose time – in changeovers, maintenance downtime, non-intuitive operator controls and difficult set-up. Quiz your OEM on the technology and support solutions they have to reduced your downtime and set-up time costs.

They design robust technology to enhance your process reliability.

In consideration of their own profitability, the OEM has a lot to consider when designing and manufacturing equipment; material costs, build-time, labor costs, shipping costs, to name a few.

But what is your OEM doing to help you with your profitability?

“To deliver to our customers the advantages that result in higher profits for them, CMD combines exceptionally robust technology that offers verifiable stability and repeatability, reduced waste and improved product quality – all accomplished through a unique scientific process optimization approach,” says Fuller.

Here’s where your ROI and TCO come into play. As an informed advocate for your company, you’ll recommend an OEM and equipment that will deliver a quick, positive, return on investment and proven lower total cost of ownership. This can only be verified with data. Make sure your OEM can deliver.

They are always innovating.

To succeed, not only in today’s market – but tomorrow’s as well — select an OEM who is always thinking a step ahead; who is in-tune with the market, and who has the talent and the facilities to test new materials and invent new solutions. Their work today should be focused on helping you to get tomorrow’s products to market faster, lower your costs to earn better margins. They should be ready with future-proof technology designed for extreme efficiency and competency around emerging sustainable materials.

They are your partner.

A vendor sells you a product or service. A partner helps you succeed. A good partnership starts with robust customer support by experienced experts, consistently and reliably delivered. Your OEM should have long-standing relationships with customers built on collective knowledge, problem-solving and continuity.

In summary, you should expect that your OEM will deliver products and a partnership that will build your competitive advantage and help you win profitable business, now and for years to come.

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