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Smooth and Quiet Operation ~ Low Total Cost of Ownership

Free up substantial floor space and enjoy significant material savings without sacrificing features or capability.  The new 760-SUP offers an efficient, compact design with powerful features and output.  Free up your floor space for other assets.  This compact system means fewer steps for your operators, and the simplified operation and time-saving changeovers equate to more profitable uptime.

  • Efficiently converts recycle-ready materials without the need for retrofits!
  • 12-feet less machine lengthstand up pouches, stand pouch
  • 20-feet less material requirement for thread-up
  • Step-in frame with cross-tool modules
  • Tool-less die change and Easy-Adjust auxiliary components
  • Individual Servo-Sealing with Intelligent Sealing Technology
  • High-capacity unwind accommodates 1-meter (40”) outer diameter rolls for enhanced efficiency
  • Option to run inserted gusset
  • Make 2-side-seal, 3-side-seal, bottom gusseted and Doyen with or without zipper closure.

Prepare for the new demand for sustainable pouches with proven superior technology!  Find out more today: [email protected]

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