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CMD offers a complete Guillotine Knife Module, custom-built to fit on the frame of existing CMD, PDI or Waterline pouch machinery. The new upgrade will completely replace your machine’s old knife module. The upgrade includes a new servo motor, and will come with a new drive if needed. The knife will be programmed by a CMD or CMD-Flex4 engineer.

The Guillotine Knife Replacement offers all the benefits of the knife on the high-performance CMD 760-SUP Pouch Machine, including:

• Minimize downtime
• Easily sourced blades with ultra-long-life blade material lengthens the time between changes
• Proprietary design automatically sets optimum blade angles requires little operator adjustment
• 360-degree rotary actuation motion for smooth and consistent operation
• Easy set-up mounting design – self-contained ‘drop-in’ design for easy integration
• Fastest blade-changes in the industry (20 – 25 minutes)
• CMD service is not required for installation, but it is recommended and available

Fully customizable knife settings, like adding the double-cut feature, are available for machines with CMD-Flex4’s HMI Controls. (CMD-Flex4 HMI Controls are available to purchase, contact Craig Mickelson for more information.)

The knife programming is included in the price of this upgrade. Programming work is done prior to installation so the knife can be cycled and tested.  The Guillotine Knife Upgrade is supported by CMD service and parts professionals, before, during and after installation.


For more information, contact
Craig Mickelson 
Machine Upgrade Sales Specialist
[email protected]




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