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The restrictions that the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in created plenty of challenges for customers and service managers, but some opportunities have been created, as well.

“CMD has offered remote connectivity via routers installed in the customers’ machine for years,” says Matt Bolin, CMD Customer Service Manager.  “Some customers are fully onboard and appreciate the cost-savings and downtime mitigation.”

However, others are cautious about opening that portal citing security reasons. Bolin says his team is sensitive to these concerns.  “It’s good to see new security technology has mitigated some of that risk – and necessity, the mother of invention –  has encouraged some adoption of the remote connectivity and the efficiency and downtime-reduction it allows.”

While CMD has invested in AR/Smart Glasses and worked with interested customers in utilizing them for remote service, Bolin says that CMD has been providing remote support long before

Augmented Realty Technology_CMD Service Solutionsthese tools were made commercially available.  “We have the glasses and the software to provide real-time AR service support, but using a simple smart phone, sending a video or  photo and talking to one of our service techs is sometimes all that is needed.”  Using the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective approach to solve an issue is still the preferred approach.

During this time of travel-restrictions, pre-delivery check-outs and in some cases, installations, have also relied heavily on remote connectivity, cameras, and close collaboration.  “The human element is essential,” says Bolin.  “Good cameras, good planning and good communication make the difference.”  He notes that customers have been satisfied with the results and can foresee some of these tools remaining in place even once travel restrictions are lifted.

Drawing on years of experience servicing bag making equipment, optimizing productivity and mitigating downtime for customers, the CMD service team continues to deliver excellent results – and why wouldn’t they, as innovators and problem-solvers, nothing less would be expected.

For more information, to schedule service or speak to a service representative call 1-800-626-0210

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