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CMD Drawtape Systems and Overlap Winders

CMD introduced drawtape in 1994 and it is still the best value in the industry. “In the 30 years since CMD developed the first drawtape system, our technology has been advanced, tested, enhanced, commercialized and proven,” says Tim Lewis, VP of Global Marketing and Sales.  “It’s not just patented technology that makes CMD systems out-perform any competitor on the market,” he adds.  “It’s also industry knowledge and experience,  rigorous testing and R&D, and a drive to continually improve.”

Proven profit-makers, CMD drawtape systems offer premium-quality drawtape bags on overlapped rolls at the highest-in-the-industry production speeds.  Built to last for many decade, CMD equipment is proven – with thousands of successful installations worldwide.

CMD is committed to stay on the leading edge of technology advancements for:

  • Process reliability
  • Robust, proven technology ideal for long-term, 24/7 production
  • Overlap winding for one-by-one dispensing
  • Fine-tuned banding technology resulting in even higher cycle rates for labeled product
  • New product features like embossing
  • Compact systems to save space
  • Sustainability, including running biodegradable bags, recycled-content bags, and early leaders in offering banded product in the U.S., to eliminate outer packaging.

CMD customers enjoy superior service and consultancy, including:

  • 24 hr. hotline
  • Well trained, long tenured service personnel
  • Visual monitoring, uptime assurance, remote diagnostics, production reports and trouble shooting
  • Well stocked spare parts inventory
  • Global supplier with international representation and installations in 40+ countries
  • Lifelong partnerships with customers
  • Comprehensive, customizable service plans

The World Leaders in Drawtape Bagmaking offer the high-output, high-quality system for embossed drawtape bags on overlapped rolls for one-at-a-time bag dispensing. When quality and output matter, trust only a genuine CMD.

And the innovation continues… for announcements soon on amazing new drawtape and overlap bag winding technology coming from CMD!

More information on the 1270GDSE Global Drawtape System for Embossed Bags

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