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At CMD, we believe that great support goes hand-in-hand with having a great partnership with your OEM.  Our customers’ success is our top priority, and our support expands across all platforms – digital, in person, phone, online, including new remote tools and technology.

The CMD Service Hotline is specifically designed to provide the fastest, most efficient service response to our customers worldwide.

We continuously examine and improve our after-sale support, to cover all the bases and surround you with technical and consultative backing to ensure success with your equipment.
A substantial bench of experienced engineers and technicians continually innovate and offer new solutions.

Consistent technical support for your equipment enhances efficiency, profitability, the useful life of your asset, and includes:

          • Expert installation services
          • Smart training programs that efficiently transfer knowledge for faster operator competency
          • Process optimization services and data-driven solutions for exceptional process stability
          • Dedicated and experienced parts professionals for reliable and quick parts service


Superior After Sale Support ~ Service Responsiveness

Service Hotline

It’s 3:00 pm on a Friday and the last thing you want is a service emergency with your converting equipment. Hoping for a shortcut to the fastest help possible, you dial your buddy at your equipment OEM….and strike out. Your buddy is in a meeting – service isn’t his department and he wasn’t expecting your call.

Or, maybe it’s 9 am on Saturday morning and you are running weekend crew to keep up with production demand. Your operators have just encountered an issue they have never seen before. You can’t wait till Monday at 8 am – you need service, now!

At CMD, we pride ourselves on friendly relationships with our customers and their personnel, and we encourage those relationships throughout our teams.
But when it comes to service, the best favor you can do yourself is to use the CMD service hotline, or 800 number, and speak directly to the technician on call. You can call 24/7/365. Our service technicians are always available.

  • Remember one number to call
  • Ticketing system
  • Assigns appropriate people for the quickest, most efficient response
  • With rare exception, you will be connected to a service technician immediately
  • Issues get recorded
  • Trends can be spotted and corrective action is taken
  • Follow up is recorded and managed
  • Activates issue-tracking:

•Collecting data can identify the root cause of any recurring issues and save time, money, downtime (put the right resources to doing that)

•A collective view will bring faster solutions. If the problem has been seen before, and a resolution is known by other CMD technicians, that knowledge can be shared, saving you time, money and downtime

•Helps to fast-track a resolution; allows CMD to offer the quickest solution

So, the next time you have a service question, request or emergency, remember the CMD service hotline:

As part of our continuous improvement process, CMD has surveyed customers to get feedback on overall satisfaction levels, including service responsiveness – which, according to the survey results, ranks very high in importance to manufacturers. More than 80% of respondents reported that they enjoyed doing business with their CMD representative, saying their CMD Technical Services Representative is knowledgeable, has a solid understanding of their business and their needs, responds to them with a sense of urgency and follows up with them regularly and consistently.

We thank our customers for providing important feedback which assists
in our continuous improvement efforts.

In the words of one of our respondents, you can count on CMD
to Listen, Act and Respond!





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