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CMD Bag Machine

Upgrades, Retrofits and Process Improvements


Motorized Lay-On Roll Kit (back)
(for CMD Model 1552ED)
    Enjoy the operating ease of the motorized lay-on roll and make all adjustments simply and safely from outside the machine, through the touch screen. Adjust while running, and focus on the tension in the drum during adjustment for perfect, no-tension sealing. Bring old and new machines closer to the same standard by upgrading with this convenient kit.


Drum Rebuild (back)
(for CMD Model 1500 Series, 1270GDS)
    Improve process consistency and reliability by replacing slats, screws, mounting blocks and bearings. Contact the CMD Spare Parts department with your machine serial number to receive a quote.


Variator Drive Assembly (back)
(for CMD Model 1500 Series)
    Maintain proper tension as film exits the drum and enters the perforation section. Contact the CMD Spare Parts department with your machine and serial number to receive a quote.


Inverted Third Fold Upgrade (back)(for CMD Models 1552ED, 1270GDS)
    The Inverted Third Fold Upgrade greatly reduces air entrapment because the folded portion remains on top of the web. Thus inverted, the fold does not trap air as easily. Any air entrapment that does occur during the folding process is easily eliminated once the web passes through the first fold nip. The Inverted Third Fold Upgrade Kit allows fold depths adjustable up to seven inches. Once the air is eliminated, the folded edges of the bag align and perf-to-seal registration is more consistently held. Updates to machinery will be documented at CMD for each serial number (machine serial number must be given at time of order).

    Kit Includes Full Assembly Replacement
  • Idler roll (two idlers on the 1552ED kit)
  • Folding boards
  • Linear adjustment using Dual Vee pulleys
  • Complete framework, ready to install
  • Mounting instructions
  • Option: Air-assisted turn bar


Individual Registration Burn Bar Temperature Control (back)
(for CMD Models 1552ED, 1270GDS)
    • Temperature control for each of the four individual registration burn bars
    • More accurate individual temperature setting
    • Reduces poly build up
    • Increases blanket life


Insulated Registration Burn Bars (back)
(for CMD Models 1552ED, 1270GDS)
  • Creates a thermal barrier between all three temperature zones.
  • Allows for more accurate adjustments (minimal heat transfer
    from zone to zone.)
  • Increases operating window.
  • Increases blanket life.
  • Reduces poly build-up.


Backing Belt for Registration Burn Bar (back)
(for CMD Models 1552ED, 1270GDS)
  • Replaces the blue backing wheel.
  • Increases dwell time for more consistent burn notches.
  • Allows for reduced run temperatures for extended blanket life.
  • A smoother transition for burn notch pressure helps extend blanket life.

Silicone Blanket Upgrade (back)
(for CMD Models 1552ED, 1270GDS
  • Longer blanket life
  • Improved sealing characteristics

4/6 Bar Drum Upgrade (back)
(for CMD Models 1552ED, 1270GDS)

  • Touch screen selectable 6- or 4-sealbar operation, dependent on bag repeats
  • 59-86% more dwell time
  • Larger process window
  • Lower running seal bar temperatures

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