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  • K - The International Show for Plastics - We'll Be There!
  • Solutions for wave-top, t-shirt and die-cut bags
  • The unsung hero: the importance of your unwind
  • Why the Service and Parts Hotline is Your Best Weapon Against Downtime
  • What's New With Upgrades and Retrofits 
  • Get Help With Controls Obsolescence Issues
It's Exciting!  It's New!  It will be at K!

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What Tops Your Bag?

We all know how the trash goes into the bag, and how important it is that it stays there!   Plenty of work goes into keeping the bag leak-resistant, but your customers probably take that for granted.  Now, the top of the bag, where the drawstring, handle-tie, t-shirt or wave top resides is the most interactive part of your product.  Do you have the technology to delivery the closure method that makes a profit for you, and makes sense to your audience?




The Shape of Things to Come
CMD 760-IDC Shaped Pouch Die Cutter

Expand Your Pouch Converting Capabilities and Product Portfolio

The CMD 760-IDC is proven technology for efficient, low-scrap production of shaped pouches.
For simple or complex shaped pouches -including large sizes, heavy gauges, and intricate shapes. CMD's advanced cutting technology delivers shaped pouches in up to 4-lane configuration, for optimal output.

Designed for machine widths up to 760mm, the unit can portably mount to the delivery end of any existing pouch machine - the existing conveyor or stacking table can be removed to conserve floor space. The 760-IDC includes the die-cutter, a pick-off separation nip, an intermediate conveyor with culling capability, a single-stream trim winder for the ‘skeleton’ material, integration hardware (i.e. encoder, cables, interconnections, etc.), and a control panel. 



Continuous Improvement and Continuous Support 

The flexible packaging market is constantly changing and shifting – and keeping your important equipment assets running at peak performance can be a challenge when suppliers change, merge or go out of business.  CMD knows the value our customers place in having a consistent partner to turn to for technical service and have honed these skills in the 40 years we have been designing, building and supporting converting equipment.

For our pouch converter friends and colleagues, we offer the same solid support, and add to our vast experience as an OEM, the specialized technical experience and skillset of our European division – CMD-Flex4.

From solutions for enhanced productivity or managing obsolete components or controls, to process optimization, CMD and CMD-Flex4 offer the parts, service and technical consultation that will help you grow your pouch business profitably.

Since CMD-Flex4 has serviced and supported pouch and bag  converters  since 2011, they have extensive experience with many OEM brands of pouch and bag equipment and have developed effective, affordable solutions. 

Controls integration/upgrades
Mechanical and electrical refurbishment
Machine rebuilds
Specialized attachments - knife, punches, etc..
Data Collection Analysis System
Stand-alone systems to affordably add capabilities and enhance efficiency
Process optimization services
Service contracts



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