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Features CMD extended-dwell, continuous-motion sealing 

The Star Seal Bag Making Line, featuring the CMD 5213ED rotary polybag machine, offers high speed bag production in a compact, cost-efficient design. A large drum allows superior sealing of special blends and heavy-gauge films. Run in-line with an extruder or use parent rolls of tube or pre-slit material to make bottom sealed or narrow side sealed bags. Seals are applied in the blanket and drum section of the bag machine. A series of perforations are strategically placed to allow for separation of the bags. This compact bag making line can be linked with CMD bag winders, folders and die-cutters for additional products and packaging options.


  • Exceptional CMD proprietary sealing technology
  • Affordable, compact design
  • Up to 600 fpm (183 mpm)
  • Simplified controls with Ethernet capability for remote troubleshooting


 Model 5213ED Star Sealed Bag Making Line

CMD Model 4213RO CMD Model 5213ED CMD Model 4213RO CMD Model 5213ED CMD Model 2034
Bottom-Sealed Bag or Star-Sealed Bag Diagram

Star-Sealed Bag Products     

Bottom-sealed, side-sealed or star-sealed bags for a variety of industrial and retail purposes, including but not limited to:

• Branded retail trash bags • Recycle bags
• Institutional can liners • Dry cleaning bags
• Side-gusseted bags • Parts and packaging bags
• T-shirt bags * • Newspaper bags
• Die-cut bags • Pet waste bags and cat pan liners
• Meat packaging bags • Meat packaging bags
• Fruit and vegetable grocery sacks • Contractor bags
* when configured with CMD 0229 rotary Die Cut System

Materials Run


Web Width (Min/Max)

4-12 inches (102-305mm)

 Bag Width(Min/Max)  
 Bag Length(Min/Max)   15-125 inches (381-3175mm)

Production Speed

60-600 fpm (18-183 mpm); 20 rolls/minute maximum

Pneumatic Requirements

* Speed range specified and overall process effectiveness is based on a broad range of:  materials, film gauges, blends, film coefficient of friction and consistency, ambient conditions, uniformity of properties, operator skill, extrusion-to-converting time delay (e.g. storage), contaminants, recycled content, repeat lengths, and maintenance and care of all process involved machinery.                

  • Center Driven Unwind
  • Rotary Die Cutter for wave top and handle tie applications


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