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High-performance efficiency of overlapped bags on a roll

The CMD Model 0305GOWE Global Overlap Winder is designed for efficient production of bags on a roll using years of patented technology.  Wound bags may be connected to each other by perforations, or each bag separated and overlapped onto the previous bag.  This servo-driven machine produces coreless rolls at speeds up to 600 fpm (183 mpm).  The Global Overlap Winder is equipped with Ethernet for long-distance programming through an optional phone modem.  When interfaced with CMD Ethernet drawtape systems, the Model 0305GOWE can perform up to 21 process checks and cull product that does not meet specific quality criteria.  


  • Modular roll bander for labeled rolls
  • Can be easily moved to meet customer requirements
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Clean design, easy to access components
  • Allen-Bradley controls platform
  • CE Compliant
0305GOWE Global Overlap Bag Winder

No-Perforation Winding for One-at-a-Time  Bag Dispensing

For overlapped bags on a roll 

Banded or non-banded overlapped bags on a roll.

- Tail gluing, for end-of-roll control
- Paper bander to apply labels around rolls of product




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