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Every three years, The World’s No.1 Trade fair for Plastics and Rubber arrives at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany.  K 2019 will take place from October 16-23 this year.  The venue features 17 halls, and 173,025 sqm of exhibition space.  3,293 exhibitors from 61 countries will offer thousands of products and services to more than 230,000 visitors from 161 countries. The focus of the show is everything plastic – from raw materials providers to machinery and equipment for plastics processing and converting.  

If your job is to help grow your business, you know it’s important to carve the time out to attend.  But as a refresher, here are persuasive
 reasons to make your travel plans now: 
Trends – stay ahead of the curve by spotting emerging trends.  Spot that new market opportunity and leverage your solutions into a growth spurt for your business.
Technology – The place to be to learn about new technology for materials, processing, converting and managing your processes through advanced digital tools.  Learn how technology is your key to competitive advantages, cost savings and efficiency improvements
Demonstrations – Everyone loves a parade – and a machine demonstration!  More than 1700 exhibitors will offer equipment at K 2019, and most of those will be running their latest technology live!
Networking – colleagues, competitors, supply chain partners and more attend this show. 
 It’s a great spot to arrange meetings and accomplish a year’s worth of networking in a few days.

CMD will exhibit new technology that will appeal to converters interested in expanding market share with value-added product innovation.  Check it out - we'll feature live demonstrations from  Hall 3, Stand G05.  The same location as past shows, for our repeat customers, friends and colleagues!

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What Tops Your Bag? 

Expand Your Product Offering with High-Quality CMD Equipment

Add capabilities and offer new products with die cutting from CMD! Handle-tie, t-shirt, and wave-top bags offer a popular close-and-carry alternative to drawtape/drawstring bags and are growing in popularity internationally with many consumers.

Die cut shapes and designs allow the formation of handles at the top of the bag, for easy closure without ribbon, tape or twist ties. A range of cutting dies can be selected to adjust the style  and size of the bag handles.  With no tape to integrate, the process is simpler, and uses few materials, potentially lowering your costs.

 The efficient closure methods for these popular trash bags are appealing to consumers, and they can be offered at an attractive price, further enhancing their popularity.


CMD offers versatile cutting equipment, including the Rotary Die Cutter, available in several widths.  This efficient system can be easily moved in line with existing bag equipment and out of the way when not being used. 

CMD offers an array of cutting and slitting equipment to meet your specific needs.




The Advantages of Roll Banding 

CMD High-Speed Bander with Proven Technology Offers Efficient Solution

Sustainability advantages and cost savings make the roll-band an attractive packaging choice.

Sustainability has become a key driver of innovation.  Successful sustainable products and services are profitable, and good for business, or they wouldn’t stick around.  

The band, or label, used to secure a roll of bags is not new, and has been seen in various forms on store shelves (particularly outside of the U.S.) for years.  From simple unprinted utility bands to dazzling, full-color branding and merchandising, the roll label offers practical and business advantages – some of which may surprise you.

Ready for Retail Ready

Retail-ready cases are a growing expectation among many large box stores, and other retail outlet.  The cases are ready to display, and the products inside designed to be easily viewed and accessed by the shopper.

Less Material (and lower costs)

This one is pretty obvious - no boxes or plastic bags or sleeves are needed when the band serves as the individual package, saving significantly on material used for packaging and the carbon footprint invested in making it.

Compact and efficient - at the retail shelf and in the shipping container

The simple, one-layer label is produced on small rolls and shipped more efficiently than pallets of chipboard cartons or boxes.  At retail, more banded rolls fit on a shelf than comparable product in boxes, and the label serves as branding and merchandising combined.

A Banding Solution for a Wide Variety of Roll-Bag Products

The CMD 0305GOWE Global Overlap Winder with banding applicator offers  high-speed production of perf-connected or overlap (interleaved) bags on rolls with label banding.  This patented CMD  technology produces quality products at up to 20 banded rolls per minute.

Produce rolls with a variety of banding sizes and types, including those with easy-open tear strips.   Label bands can be applied to a variety of products, including drawtape/drawstring, die-cut and star-seal bags on rolls.

At Your Service

CMD’s Hotline - Get the Help You Need 24/7/365


At CMD, we pride ourselves on friendly relationships with our customers and their personnel, and we encourage those relationships throughout our teams.  But when it comes to service, the best favor you can do yourself is to use the CMD service hotline, or 800 number, and speak directly to the technician on call.  You can call 24/7/365.  Our service technicians are always available. 

  • Remember one number to call
  • Ticketing system 
  • The appropriate people are assigned to your case for the quickest, most efficient response (engineers may be out of pocket;
    not available for your call) delaying a response
  • With rare exception, you will be connected to a service technician immediately
  • Issues get recorded
  • Trends can be spotted and corrective action is taken
  •  Follow-up is recorded and managed
  • Activates issue-tracking
    • Collecting data can identify the root cause of any recurring issues and save time, money, downtime (put the right resources to doing that)
    • A collective view will bring faster solutions. 
    •  If the problem has been seen before, and a resolution is known by other CMD technicians, that knowledge can be shared, saving you time, money and downtime
    • Helps to fast-track a resolution; allows CMD to offer the quickest solution 

So, the next time you have a service question, request or emergency, remember the CMD service hotline:  1-800-626-0210




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Machine Controls Technology Update

Allen-Bradley will phase out the 6000 drives

Technology Upgrade

Technology evolves at an incredible rate, and that includes your machine controls systems.  Just as CMD offers technology upgrades to enhance the performance of its long-lasting converting equipment, our vendor partners, like Allen-Bradley, work to improve the controls systems they design.  The Allen-Bradley 6000 drives will soon be phased out, and the K5700 drives offered as replacement.

CMD Models 
The 1270GDS and 1270GDSE drawtape systems; the 0305GOWE, 4213RO and 0330HSW winders and the 1552ED rotary bag machine are affected by this technology update.  

Efficiency and Sustainability
The new Allen-Bradley K5700 drives feature 2 axis per drive; and a load observer, which monitors the load on the motor and allows adaptive tuning for better performance.  Updating your controls system will extend the useful life of your robust CMD equipment.  Even older CMD equipment can be brought to new life and efficiency and longevity.  Equipment will not need to be discarded, which may add waste to the environment.  For this reason, updating the controls technology, and taking advantage of regular CMD maintenance and upgrades, can enhance your sustainability profile.

CMD Support
CMD can be of assistance in the upgrading of your equipment to the K5700 drives.  Our engineers work closely with Allen-Bradley to determine what is needed - from hardware, to program updates, PLC  and Ethernet module to the PLC . On some older equipment, obsolete motors may have to be replaced.

Plan Now and Avoid Downtime
Although the 6000 drives will be available as service parts the price will go up over time and the window of time Allen-Bradley will support them will be closing.

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