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Global High-Speed Overlap Winder: High Cycle Rates and Roll Banding all in a Compact Design

CMD has advanced technology around popular overlap, bag-on-a-roll winding with the Global High-Speed Winder. The Model 0330HSW meets CE and ISO standards,  incorporates patented dual-turret, high-cycle rate overlap bag winding and optional roll-labeling in a unique, compact footpring.  The machine is accessible from five sides, allows full process viewing and features hinged and interlocked doors.

The stable process platform and optional tail gluing make the CMD Global High-Speed Winder ideal to integrate with end-of-line automation. The small footprint saves floor space and is economical to ship. High-speed, low-roll counts provide new package and product-count choices for additional sales distribution opportunities. The system can include optional roll banding – a sustainable packaging alternative that eliminates the need for outer packaging. Converters can utilize the flexible Global High-Speed Winder for a wide range of roll counts and sizes and bag sizes, in side sealed, bottom sealed, or drawtape configurations

The Global High-Speed Winder handles a broad range of film gauges and blends from 6-30 micron (HDPE), to 25-38 micron (MDPE) to .6 to 1.5 mil (LLDPE). The system offers efficient production speeds up to 600 feet per minute (183 meters per minute), winding cycle rates of up to 30 rolls per minute, and is ideal for a variety of bag applications like:

  • Trash bags
  • Can, Bin and Wastebasket Liners
  • Tail-glued bags on a roll
  • Lawn and Leaf Bags
  • Small-count rolls
  • Labeled/banded bags on a roll
  • Supermarket Produce Bags
  • Random Printed Bags

Ease of operation is designed into the CMD Global Bag Machine, which features Allen-BradleyTM CompactLogix PLC, Kinetics Servo System and a color and Panel View Touch Screen.


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