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New Year – New Customers

Growth Opportunities Are Available!

New Year – New Customers – evaluate your product line and consider adding a new, value-added product to grow your market share by attracting new customers.  CMD’s 1270GDSE, as featured in our K 2019 stand, is the world’s leading system embossed bags.
The CMD 1270GDSE embossed bag system is available for the production of convenient close-and-carry drawtape or non-drawtape bags on rolls.

Why Embossed Bags?
• The embossed bag stretches to expand for more trash.
• Embossed pattern instills consumer confidence in the bag integrity.
• Distinctive appearance distinguishes your brand.
• A new product to add to your portfolio.
• CMD technology allows the embosser to be a flexible component of your bag converting equipment line.
• The embosser can be by-passed and non-embossed bags can be made on the same system.

Don’t Delay – Get a Quote for the CMD 1270GDSE Today!

1270GDSE_0305GOWE with man pulling drawtape embossed bag  small.png