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TPBI Installs 6th Drawtape Line

Leading Exporter of Drawtape Trash Bags Adds Capacity

NAKHON PATHOM, THAILAND - TPBI, a global leader in the packaging industry, carefully studies market trends and adapts its business and products accordingly for sustainable growth.  The company invests in the equipment and engineering assets to manufacture a wide variety of products which meet stringent guidelines from their customers around the world.

In 2017 CMD International Director of Sales, Shaughn Hanley, met with Mr. Sittichai Borrisuttanakul at TPBI to discuss a plan for the company to expand their product portfolio to include high-quality drawtape garbage bags.  TPBI focused on exporting the popular, easy-close-and-carry style trash bags globally and within one year they had installed a total of five (5) CMD Global Drawtape Systems with Global Overlap Bag Winders.

The systems allow for high-speed production of high-quality, premium drawtape trash bags on overlapped/interleaved rolls, where each bag is wound on top of the other, providing easy, one-at-a-time dispensing of the bag from the roll – a market offering that aligned very well with TPBI’s commitment to value-added products as an important component of their product mix.

TPBI is a reliable and sought-after manufacturer, and this expansion into drawtape bagmaking proved so successful that another CMD drawtape system was ordered to expand capacity.  The recently-installed line brings the total to six, and this equipment also features the option of embossing, which imprints a pattern into the bag film, allowing for the bag to expand to accept more trash while distinguishing the product on the store shelf.

The advanced technology and wide processing window on the CMD  drawtape system aligns well with TPBI’s growing focus on sustainable materials for their products.

TPBI is strongly vertically integrated, producing an array of products in the range of production, from recycling of post-consumer plastic waste into plastic film, to the production of bio compostable paper cups, and on-demand digital printing.