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Folding Boards, Unwinds, Bubble Post Gusseters, Slit Sealers

Bag Machine Ancillary Equipment: Film Unwinds, Folding Boards, Slit Sealers and Post Gusseters

CMD works with you to customize your bag making equipment for maximum efficiency.

Learn about CMD’s extensive parts and upgrades to keep your bag machine operating at peak efficiency.  

Reliable bag machine service from CMD offers technical assistance and peace of mind.

Folding Boards

CMD offers folding boards for single- and double-folded bottom seal bag applications. Motorized line guide adjustments and edge / line guide sensors ensure web control throughout the folding process.


CMD unwinds offer a variety of options suited for out-of-line film converting:

Non-Driven Unwinds

Non-Powered, Single-Position Unwinds are an economical solution for converting lines with downstream tension control. Suitable for web widths 34 – 54 in (864 – 1372 mm) and roll diameters up to 48 in (1219mm). For lines speeds up to 600 fpm (183 mpm).

Driven Unwinds

Surface Driven Unwinds

Surface Driven Unwinds offer increased output and reduced roll changeovers by accommodating rolls of up to 4.9 feet (1.5 meters) in diameter and 52 in (1321 mm) in width. The split roll surface drive offers consistent performance with precise tension control and edge guiding. For line speeds up to 700 pm (213mpm).

Center Driven Unwinds

Center Shaft Driven Unwinds are designed for high speed roll converting applications requiring excellent web tension control. This unwind model allows the operator to stage one master roll at a time, or two master rolls for quicker changeovers and minimal downtime. An inclusive air loaded dancer system allows for smooth transition roll startups.

Floor Loading Center Shaft Driven Unwinds offer the ergonomic benefit of floor-loading master rolls up to 48 in (1220 mm) in diameter and 48 (1220 mm) wide. An AC Vector drive package and control system allows for controlled tension unwinding of the web from roll start to roll finish. For line speeds up to 300 fpm (183 mpm).

Bubble Slit Sealers

The Model BSS Series produces multiple lanes by slit sealing from a single tube and produces precise, accurate edges in a variety of film blends and gauges. The Model BSS is capable of high-temperature slit-sealing for fast line-speed applications. The Model BSS will run in-line with extruder or from a parent-roll unwind.

Bubble Post Gusseters

The Model BPG Series of Bubble Post Gusseters produces continuous side-gusseted tubes and folded tubes specifically designed for star-bottom bag making. The Model BPG can be configured for multiple-lane converting and will run in-line with extruder or from a parent-roll unwind.

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