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Rotary Overlap Bag on Roll Winder

High-performance efficiency of overlapped bags on a roll

Designed for high speed production of bags on a roll, the servo-driven 4213RO rotary overlap winder from CMD is a proven performer! Wind a variety of bag sizes onto coreless or optional cored rolls at speeds up to 600 fpm (183 mpm). Select from perforated or overlapped bags with a simple turn of a switch at any line speed.

Model 4213RO features:

  • Roll labeling option
  • Unique push-palm design has a 4-position turret with servo-indexing
  • Self-diagnostic system check with readout of messages
  • Model 4213RO is also available in automation-specific models

Compatible Equipment

CMD rotary overlap bag winder for trash bag manufacturers from CMD corp providing bag on roll making machines located in Appleton, WI


  • Tail glue for end-of-roll tail control
  • Automation Ready: rolls are removed automatically and introduced into an automated packaging system

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