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Large Plastic Sheet Winder Machine

Produces rolls of plastic sheeting

The Model 1120SW Plastic Sheeting Winder perforates and winds single-layer or folded poly sheeting onto a roll at speeds of 30 to 183 mpm (100 to 600 fpm) for a variety of retail, commercial and institutional applications. The Model 1120SW can run in-line with a film extruder or from a parent-roll unwind.

Model 1120SW Sheeting Winder features:

  • Winds a variety of gauges and configurations
  • Production speeds up to 183 mpm (600 mpm)
  • 3-spindle turret produces rolls up to 254 mm (10 in) in diameter
  • Can be run in line with a film extruder, or from parent films rolls
Large Plastic Sheet Winder Machine by CMD Corp located in Appleton, WI Find Your Int'l Rep
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