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Plastic Film Bag Machine

Powerful large-web or multiple-lane winding

The CMD Model 2400 Single Turret Winder offers speed and versatility for bag and sheeting winding. Run a variety of film gauges with the automatic cut-over and transfer features. Available in a variety of web width capacities and turret configurations to suit your application. Unprecedented speeds of up to 800 fpm (244 mpm).

Model 2400STW features:

  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Forward and reverse wind capabilities
  • Tapeless transfers
  • Product versatility including:
    – Wide web gusseted tube stock
    – Wide web bag on a roll
    – Multiple lane slitting for high-quality roll edge
Plastic Film Bag Machine by CMD Corp supplying Bag & Pouch Machines located in Appleton, WI serving clients internationally

Single- and multiple-lane winding for:

  • Pouch converting
  • Bin liners
  • Food and meat packaging
  • Landscape film
  • Drop cloth film
  • Wide web bags
  • Wide gusseted tube stock
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