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Shaped Pouch Die Cutter

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Expand your pouch converting capabilities

Convert simple or complex shaped pouches-including large sizes, heavy gauges, and intricate shapes. CMD’s advanced cutting technology can handle the pouches others can’t.

The CMD 760-IDC Intermittent Motion Die Cutter is designed for machine widths up to 760 mm, and is capable of providing shaped pouches in up to 4 lanes of production of either flat or shaped bottom-gusset pouches. The unit is designed to portably mount to the delivery end of any existing pouch machine. The machine’s existing conveyor or stacking table can be removed to conserve floor space. The system includes the die cutter, a pick-off separation nip, an intermediate conveyor with culling capability, a single-stream trim winder, integration hardware (encoder, cables, interconnections, etc.),and a control panel.

CMD Model 760-IDC features:

  • CE compliant, metric design
  • Easy portability
  • Large, servo-driven cutting platen with enhanced cutting force
  • Dedicated PLC and HMI for independent control of the system
  • Quick mechanical and simple system set-up


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