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4/6 Seal Bar Drum Upgrade

Enhance the flexibility of your rotary bag machine with the 4/6 Seal Bar Drum Upgrade! The addition of seal bars expands the process window, allows for more sealing dwell, and allows more flexibility in selecting seal bars for a broader range of products made on the same machine!

This upgrade also offers the high efficiency sealing you need to convert today’s complex film blends used for compostable, recycled-content or degradable bags

Features / Benefits

  • Opens process window with 59-86% more dwell time for increased efficiencies and product quality
  • Allows for easy product transitions and set up with touch screen selectable 6- or 4-sealbar operation
  • Improves blanket life and other related sealing components through lower running seal bar temperatures

Included With Upgrade

  • 24 pairs of drum screws vs 16 in a conventional drum
  • 6 seal bar mounting configurations equally spaced
  • 2 additional seal bar mounting locations to allow for a 4-bar configuration
  • Electrical junction box and components to convert traditional 4 bar drum
  • Seal bar assemblies NOT included
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