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Controls Upgrade for Pouch

Give yourself peace of mind – with the latest in controls technology, this fully functional controls system upgrade from CMD makes it easier than ever to avoid unnecessary down time due to component obsolescence issues.

Features / Benefits

  • Eliminates the challenges associated with procuring and supporting obsolete components
  • Enables ability to support future machine enhancements (options)
  • Enhances E-stop control for smoother stops, reducing back wrap
  • Improves control during acceleration and deceleration conditions
  • Allows for better tension control with servo controlled nips


  • Servo-driven nips
  • Robust control system with most recent technology from leading motion control manufactures
  • Color touch screen control for most operator parameters
  • New back panel for easy installation
  • Available upgrade of e-stops and temp controls
  • Servos for secondary nips


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