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Hem Seal Heater Upgrade

Start sealing your hems faster, more efficient, and consistent with the Hem Seal Heater Upgrade! Not only does this upgrade help improve your hem sealing, but it is also easier to maintain, and uses up to 30% less energy – lowering your carbon footprint and costs!

Features / Benefits

Advanced Seal Technology provides focused sealing consistency and process efficiency for less waste and lower costs.

  • Seals hems more efficiently and consistently
  • Reduces sealing area heat-up time for faster start up
  • Enhances process control and product consistency through closed-loop control for temperature and air flow
  • Uses up to 30% less energy, lowering your carbon footprint and your costs
  • Allows 35 different recipes to be stored
  • Opens process window for more consistent product
  • Eliminates hassle of changing traditional heater cartridges for easier maintenance
  • Saves energy by shutting down heat and airflow on machine stop


  • Alternative filament heater style from the previous cartridge heater block design
  • A single filament heater replaces the existing heater blocks and heating elements
  • Manifold will be insulated to help maintain uniform temperature distribution across the manifold and prevent heat loss
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