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Heavy Wall Sideweld Bag Machine

Heavy wall sideweld bag making is easier and more repeatable than ever before

The CMD 760-HWSW Heavy wall sideweld bag machine combines simple control features with a flexible, modular format and a proven, robust process, giving you the opportunity to boost profits by improving efficiency. If fast changeovers and a simple, repeatable process are what you need, contact us to learn more.

Model HW-SW features:

  • Integrated v-tip gusseting for fast size changes and precise gussets
  • Customizable low-profile base frame modules allow you to customize your machine to accommodate as many or as few attachments as you need
  • Servo-actuated seal head with adjust-on-the-fly penetration adjustment minimizes downtime, while allowing you to maximize seal quality
  • Pick-off and stacking conveyor sections slide out of the way for quick and easy seal-bar/seal-roll maintenance
  • Optional on-board arc-setting system allows fast and precise seal-head set-up right on the machine
  • Servo-actuated pick-off section ensures precise and consistent pick-off timing, to maximize seal quality
  • Servo-driven corrugator rollers are programmable from the HMI, and are used as bag slow-downs for consistent and neat stacking

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Heavy Wall Sideweld Bag Machine from CMD Corp contact your International Reps located in Appleton, WI

Produce a variety of gusseted and non-gusseted heavy duty, heavy-gauge packaging, including:

  • Fertilizer bags
  • Soil bags
  • Animal Feed Bags
  • Resin Bags
  • Coin Bags
  • Cat-Litter Bags
  • Seed Bags
  • Charcoal Bags


Request to view a special video demonstrating CMD’s unique sealing technology and operational access design.  Click to email your request:  Scott Fuller, Product Line Manager

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