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Medical Pouch Making Machine

Your opportunity to win more customers with the CMD medical pouch making machine

Produce medical peel pouches using the most accurate, repeatable pouch-making process in the industry. CMD Innovation includes Intelligent Sealing Technology – so you can validate for the demanding medical market the sealing quality parameters of every pouch. Time-saving operational features of the CMD medical pouch making machine include slide-out slitters and optional one-person platen die change system.

  • Precision controlled pneumatic dancer
  • Optional ultra-long-life zero-clearance punch system
  • Independent servo draw rolls
  • Precise, repeatable twin-servo platen actuation
  • Easy access to punch section
  • Platen safety lockout
  • Extended platen clearance protects the substrate
  • Programmable bed clear mode segregates start-up product
  • High performance rotary slitting
  • Optional slide out slitter station for faster changeovers
  • Ergonomically friendly single-operator die change kit
  • Light curtain protection
  • 450 pouches/minute
  • Zero-lost-motion sealing with complete closed loop control of temperature, pressure and time

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Medical Pouch Making Machine by CMD Corp with International Reps
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