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Ed Verkuilen, CMD Regional Sales Manager, has an extensive background in pouch converting and a deep understanding of the specific requirements for medical pouch packaging.  In this Q&A, Ed addresses how the right equipment can solve process and quality concerns, and also ease some of the stress related to today’s tight labor market.


For medical pouch converting, operators, packers and quality control must monitor the many attributes in the process.
How can the task be made easier for them?


It begins with the design of the pouch converting equipment, taking into consideration the needs of the end user and the stringent quality requirements for pouches and packaging unique to medical applications.

Rather than modifying an existing piece of equipment, which may have been designed for a less exacting application, medical pouch equipment should be designed for the safety and specifications unique to the health care industry.

CMD has a strong history of customizing equipment for specific customer needs. This experience and skillset transfers very well for medical pouch converting customers. We realize that in medical device packaging, every dimension matters. To that end, our medical packaging machinery is specifically designed to ensure the most consistent and repeatable web tracking and draw control available in the industry. The design goes beyond simply using servo controls. Each design element, from machine frame construction to material selection and manufacturing practices, comes from a perspective of ensuring consistent web control, enhancing process stability, and requiring less operator intervention.

As an added layer of protection, CMD machines are 3D laser aligned during the construction phase. This is a step no other pouch converting OEM takes.
Especially for quality control personnel, the value of the CMD medical pouch machine is that it can verify, with data, the stability of the converting process. For operators, it means less intervention is required. Finally, requirements for off-line testing of the product are reduced, and overall productivity and profitability for the converter are enhanced.

More information on CMD medical pouch converting systems: Medical Chevron Pouch Making System | CMD Corporation (
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