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Stand Up Pouch System

Our next generation stand-up
pouch system continues the
CMD tradition of high quality
and operational innovation,
with features that enhance
profitability through time and
money-saving efficiency.

  • Compact footprint
  • Best ROI in the industry
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Exceptionally reliable

• CMD customers report, on average, 40% faster changeovers than on competitive machines consistently better than 90% uptime rates.
• Light guarding ensures safety while removing mechanical guarding so changeovers are completed faster than ever.
• Extended-length conveyor provides extra time for pack-off.
• Reduced maintenance touchpoints ensure maximum up-time.
• Very quick guillotine blade changes enhance overall productivity.
• New Beckhoff controls platform offers processing speed and communication reliability.

CMD Model 760-SUP features:

  • 11-feet less machine length
  • 20-feet less material requirement for thread-up
  • Step-in frame with cross-tool modules
  • Tool-less die change and TeflonTM advance
  • Easy-Adjust auxiliary components
  • High-capacity unwind 
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