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Does an aging controls system have you concerned about your pouch machine? You have reason to be concerned. Every year, manufacturers face expensive machine breakages when unavailable components wear out and they are faced with unscheduled downtime.

We have the answer.

A fully functional controls system upgrade from CMD!

Each machine we upgrade provides unique challenges and opportunities, but the typical controls upgrade will include:

• A small stand-alone cabinet (if needed), containing all new servo drives and controls, with room for future expansion
• All new motors for every axis of the system (Servo and Asynchronous)
• A new Beckhoff PC Embedded PLC
• A new Panel HMI PC
• New Gefran Temperature Controller system
• New Beckhoff Profibus I/O system equipped with EtherCAT
• New Electrical Schematic
• Ethernet equipped for remote diagnostics
• All necessary brackets and hardware for mounting
• Backed by CMD’s global support network

Available Option:  Safety circuit with light-curtains

“The obvious benefit to our controls upgrades is the more readily available components,” says Craig Mickelson, CMD Machine Upgrade Sales Specialist.  But the enhanced technology offers efficiency and productivity benefits, as well.   “With the new and improved control system, we have seen customers get an average of 10 extra hits per minute on most products.
This is possible because of the faster processing power and faster reaction time of the program.”

The system can be much more reactive to more complex movements. An example of that is the technology around managing the draw sequence allows the film to accelerate and decelerate in a manner that equates to more consistent web tension, and smoother film travel throughout the process.

CMD has more than 10 years experience with pouch-machine specific controls upgrades, for a variety of systems, including: MTS/PDI/CMD/CDD/WATERLINE. Give yourself peace of mind with the latest in controls technology, readily available parts and service and continued reliability from a trusted performer.

Contact  Craig Mickelson, Machine Upgrade Sales Specialist today for pricing and lead-time.

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