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The World Wants Drawtape

With the global demand for drawtape trash bags on the rise, converters who are ready to meet the new and varied expectations of markets around the world are best positioned for success. 

“We have seen a substantial increase in demand for our equipment, particularly in Asia and Europe,” says Shaughn Hanley, CMD Director of International Sales. “Converters are requesting CMD technology to meet quality and output requirements for their international customers.”

What started as a niche product has grown to be accepted and expected in established, growing and even some emerging markets. “The drawtape bag is the consumer-preferred standard in many countries around the world,” says Hanley.  “CMD also offers the only proven technology for overlapping the bags onto rolls, for one-by-one dispensing – an added consumer convenience.”

Understanding the Global Converting Market

An established OEM with experience in global converting, CMD offers in-depth understanding of market cycles, expectations and demands.  “Our close relationships with customers help us better evolve and fine-tune our technology to meet the production specifications of the varied mix of international converters,” says Hanley. Rotary sealing technology – proven effective for challenging film types as well as unparalleled production output, is one such technology. CMD’s drawtape system is second-to-none, and the only truly proven technology for high-output drawtape bag converting.

CMD’s International Sales Team includes Bruno Massaria, who is located in Italy and focuses on that country and Eastern Europe and Shaughn Hanley, who focuses on Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa.  “Bruno and I, as well as our agents, work together as a team to ensure that customers, regardless of their location, are looked after,” says Hanley.

New Sustainability Expectations

Sustainable materials are used more often now in trash bags

CMD equipment has been used successfully for years by customers running a large variety of film types. Through continued collaboration with major resin, additive and film manufacturers, CMD has deep experience in terms of web handling and sealing requirements for films with recycled content, and bio-based materials as well.  “We are very confident and comfortable with our equipment’s ability to handle most film blends, materials and gauges,” says Hanley.  “It’s essential to have adaptable technology when working with the disparate market and legislative conditions, and customer expectations from around the globe.”

Trusted OEM Experience and Reputation

With thousands of installations throughout the world, CMD is a trusted OEM and partner to established and growing companies alike. Supporting customers on a global scale is imperative, and CMD utilizes an extensive network of CMD technicians as well as an agent network to provide support, service, training and spare parts.  Bruno Massaria, Director of International Sales for Europe, recognizes this need, “CMD has the experience with servicing customers around the globe, and has developed systems, networks and remote tools to meet the needs of our many customers.”  Massaria notes that having a service technician stationed in Thailand and a well-stocked spare parts warehouse –  owned and managed by CMD agent, WIKU, in Germany –  are strategic aspects of after-sale support designed to provide quick and reliable service and parts for customers in many countries outside of North America.

For information on the world-leading 1270GDS Global Drawtape System and Global Overlap Bag Winder, contact our international sales team today.

Bruno Massaria

Bruno Massaria – Director of International Sales
Italy and Eastern Europe
+41 91 607 4443
[email protected]

Shaughn Hanley CMD

Shaughn Hanley- Director of International Sales
Africa, Asia, Western Europe,
South America, Australia
+1 (920) 819-9581
[email protected]






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